Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend Indulgences with Cancer Fighting Powers?

It's days like today, after I've consumed the staples of summer barbecues in excess for three consecutive days, that I tend to search for things to make me feel better about my diet-busting indulgences. Smores? Sangria? Not a problem. I was actually eating with the intent of improving my overall health...well maybe not, but here are some redeeming qualities of those calorie-packed guilty pleasures:
One of my absolute favorites. Nothing completes a good S'more like a Hershey bar, which happens to contain an antioxidant compound called procyanidin. Although research is still in its infancy stage, scientists have observed these molecules slow the development of breast cancer in lab cell cultures and prostate cancer in rats. It has been suggested that the most efficient way to introduce procyanidin into the bloodstream is to consume chocolate drinks. So go ahead! While you're at it, save those chocolate bars for the next morning and blend away for a nice S'more Smoothie. 
Red wine contains high levels of resveratrol, a plant chemical which has been shown to reduce tumours in lab tests. Depending on the type of grape used to make the wine, some wines may contain more cancer-fighting antioxidants than others. For example, wines grown in Southern France are high in procyanidin, that neat little compound found in dark chocolate. As if that weren't enough, add oranges, cherries, apples, or another fruit to your sangria recipe to boost the health benefits!

Well, although that wasn't as therapeutic as I thought it would be, I think I'm at least in the right frame of mind to get back on track this week. Grilled eggplant with tomato sauce and salad on the menu tonight!

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/254062/The-ultimate-anti-cancer-diet


  1. Great Post...Now I can look back on my weekend and say that I did some things that are healthy and good for me

  2. Thanks Dave! Although I don't necessarily encourage people to lie to themselves about their diets all the time, sometimes it's better to accept your weak moments and start fresh the next day. One good decision leads to another!

  3. So you & I must be soul mates because just around the time you wrote this post we hosted a 1st ever, last minute, totally random "S'mores & Sangria" get together! We eat healthy most of the time but everyone has to splurge now & then - but my husband is a 2x cancer survivor so now I can say it was a "Cancer Prevention Gathering" - lol!
    You have a beautiful blog - keep up the great work :-)

  4. Haha, what a coincidence Colleen! Yes--you might even have to make it a ritual for health purposes:-)